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Did you know ice is now designated as a food stuff?

What does this mean and how could it affect your business?

It is most important to have a water filter in line with your ice machine. Without a water filter as ice is produced the remaining cold water in the machine becomes more and more concentrated with calcium etc. This calcium deposits on the components inside the ice maker, putting a coating on the evaporator and causing pumps to fail. More electricity is required to produce ice when the evaporator is coated with scale and eventually an expensive service call will be required, which is chargeable.

It is recommended the filter is changed every six months. (Depending on water consumption).

TKR also provide a special ice machine cleaning service. This can be carried out at your premises or, if preferred, in our workshop. Our engineer will:

• Check the machine is operating properly, noting any potential problems or replacement parts that may be needed
• Strip the machine
• Clean and wash the ice collection bin
• Use food safe fluid to clean the machine
• Change the water filter to prevent build-up of lime scale and prolong the life of the machine

We will be happy to provide a free estimate for this service.

* Important EU Emissions Regulations *
Climate changing gasses can be found in most equipment so if you have refrigeration and/or air conditioning systems, you will have new statutory obligations. Follow this link to find out how we can help.

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