Thank you for visiting our Frequent Asked Questions page.

We've collated the most common questions below for your assistance but should there be a question not covered here, please just get in touch with the team on 01452 739483 and we'd be happy to help.

How quickly do you respond to breakdown calls?

We aim to get to you the same day that you call us. Ask about our Priority service when you contact us or alternatively, click here.

Can I buy new equipment from you?

Yes you can. We offer a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at competitive prices.

Can I buy spare parts for my equipment from you?

There are some parts that we would be happy to sell to you on a supply only basis i.e. door seals, handles etc, most other replacement parts should only be fitted by a qualified engineer.

Can I install a heat pump air conditioning system myself?

Not unless you are a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineer.

Do you supply and install heat pump air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial use?

Yes we do. If you are interested we offer a Free of Charge site survey. Once the survey has been completed we will send you our no obligation estimate. For more information, please call us on 01452 739483.

My equipment is new and has a warranty; do I need a maintenance contract?

Check the terms of your warranty. It may only be valid if you have your equipment maintained on a regular basis.

How often should I have my Air conditioning / Refrigeration equipment serviced?

We recommend having your equipment serviced twice a year. See details on our maintenance and servicing by clicking here.

Why should I have my equipment serviced?

Well maintained equipment is more reliable, operates more efficiently and is cheaper to run.

Do you sell reconditioned equipment?

We do occasionally have reconditioned units in stock. Please contact us with your requirements.

Do you environmentally dispose of old units?

Yes we do. For a fee we will collect the unit from your premises, remove the refrigerant gas in our workshop and then pass the unit onto a local recycling company.

Is it correct that some refrigeration and air conditioning equipment has to be checked for refrigerant gas leaks every year?

Yes it is correct. For refrigeration and air conditioning systems that have up to 30kgs of refrigerant gas you must, by law, have the system leak checked every year. For systems with more than 30kgs of refrigerant gas the requirement is for more regular leak checks.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the leak checks are carried out?

The rules state that the responsibility for ensuring that the equipment is operating correctly and not leaking refrigerant rests with the operator / owner of the equipment. In other words:- That's You! For more information please see our page concerning f-gas regulations.